Kota + Liza | Woodside, CA Engagement

Kota + Liza Engagement-55Kota + Liza Engagement-3 Kota + Liza Engagement-5 Kota + Liza Engagement-14 Kota + Liza Engagement-17Kota + Liza Engagement-13 Kota + Liza Engagement-20 Kota + Liza Engagement-24 Kota + Liza Engagement-34Kota + Liza Engagement-31 Kota + Liza Engagement-35Kota + Liza Engagement-48 Kota + Liza Engagement-40Kota + Liza Engagement-44Kota + Liza Engagement-47Kota + Liza EngagementKota + Liza Engagement-60 Kota + Liza Engagement-63 Kota + Liza Engagement-71 Kota + Liza Engagement-74Kota + Liza Engagement-70 Kota + Liza Engagement-77 Kota + Liza Engagement-80 Kota + Liza Engagement-84_1 Kota + Liza Engagement-85We started the evening at one of Kota + Liza’s favorite running locations in Huddart Park and ended at Woodside Bakery, a restaurant they frequent near the trail. It was such an amazing shoot in an absolutely gorgeous area. I very much look forward to photographing their wedding in 2015!


Kota + Liza | Woodside, CA Engagement Session Sneak Peek

I could feel the connection Kota + Liza had to this beautiful, peaceful trail and I don’t think these runners could have picked a better location for their engagement photos. More to come!

Kota + Liza Engagement-55