My Wedding Attire

Sometimes clients ask me about the outfits I wear on a wedding day, and today’s post is about just that! I like to stick with professional and movable, as well as minimal and nice. I have found wonderful shoes that I wear to practically every wedding…they are aerosoles! Ya you heard that right! They are loafers so double score since they’re in style.

My favorite stores for wedding clothing are Banana Republic and J Crew. To me they have good quality products, with items that are not see-through and revealing. I love the JCrew Minnie Pant and I tend to stick with darker tones such as black and navy blue. I have on occasion worn a dress but I am very particular about this. The length needs to be close to my knees and I test the movability before actually wearing it on a wedding day. You better believe this includes squats, a fast walk, and moving my arms every way possible.

My hair usually ends up in a ponytail with my hair tied around the band and sometimes if the day is cooler I will start the day with my hair down. Oh, and a watch is one of the most important pieces! I like the Fossil brand.

I think this covers it all! If you have any questions about anything I am wearing please send me an e-mail and I am happy to answer them.

Wedding Outfits Wedding Outfits

My Wedding Attire


Styled Shoots at Holman Ranch

I had such a great time at the Seventh Heaven Vintage Rental Workshop at Holman Ranch. I am looking forward to sharing the photos from three different shoots that took place there. For now, I’ll share a beautiful cake by Studio Cake DesignSeventh Heaven Vintage Rental Workshop

My Summer in Photos

My Life in Photos

This summer season has been exciting and tiring, but all of it has been really good stuff! I am thankful for the break before a few more weddings come my way. I am taking this time to reflect and plan for the future of my wedding photography business and for my personal life with my hubby, family, and friends.

Left: My latest wedding in Pacific Grove, CA

Top Middle: Our trip to Southern California, this picture was taken at a beach in San Clemente.

Bottom Middle: A date night with Adam :)

Top Right: Visiting our nephew twins, Gunnar & Colton for the first time

Middle Right: Hanging out with our new nephew Tyler

Bottom Right: One of my best friend Grace’s wedding, and a tea date with a photographer and good friend. Happy Friday!