He Loved Her First

The father-daughter dance has me in tears so often I had to post this photo from Ray + Jen’s wedding at Memory Garden┬áthis past weekend. I yet again had a teary moment on the dance floor while photographing this sweetness.He loved her first

Small Steps + Dreaming

“Why stop dreaming when you wake up?” -Unknown

Living our dreams takes small steps to get to where we want to be. I have taken many small steps to have the business I have today and have many more to to take to continually learn and grow. Speaking of small steps, I updated my website and am so happy with the result!

Please click the photo below to go to my website or click THIS link.

New Website Updates

Our Season in Photos-January 2014

It is amazing that it is already January 17th! Adam and I have found that as we are getting older time seems to go by faster. We are busier-our weekdays are filled with work and our weekends with weddings and time spent with friends and family. We realize it is all GOOD stuff! Our days are packed with great experiences and we are doing work that we love, we could not ask for anything else.

Here is our season in photos!

Left: wedding at Memory Garden in Monterey, California Middle Top: A weekend visit from my college ladies in January Middle Bottom: Adam’s favorite view. I am continually amazed at his freak athletic ability and love for sport and competition. Right: Christmas Eve 2013.

Our Season in Photos