Music Monday | Priscilla Ahn

Priscilla Ahn’s song “Dream” reminds me of so many memories.

Gina-One of my best friends. She walked down the isle to this song on her wedding day four years ago.

My Dad-it’s one of his favorite songs that I sing and he watches my “Dream” cover from 2009 on youtube often ;-)

Adam-Contrary to popular belief, he can hit the high, soft, angelic notes  while singing along and it is very impressive.

College-My roommates and group of friends from Fullerton regularly played music together since 3/4 of us roomies were musical. And the fourth…she blew bubbles for this music video to contribute as you will see below. This is the reason for my laughing throughout the video.

Happy Monday!

*Music Mondays exist to inspire my wedding photography. The artists and songs on these posts are a part of my Monika Greenaway Photography collection that I pull from for my wedding photography slideshows. My goal is to also  provide song ideas for industry peers. Enjoy!

Music Monday-Tyrone Wells!

It’s music Monday! WOO! I chose an artist who Adam and I have loved since our college days. I only post love songs for music Mondays because, well I am a wedding photographer and love is always in the air…and…I kinda am a little obsessed with love songs.

And for music Monday we have…Tyrone Wells with “Running Around in my Dreams!”