New Years Quotes and Resolutions!


It’s that time of year again to start making those New Years resolutions. Adam and I just went over ours last night with each other. All day yesterday while Adam was golfing I thought and prayed about last years blessings and am looking forward to seeing what 2012 holds. I know the plans that I am making now may change but I have a clear direction in the way I am headed. This is probably the first year in my life I have had more clarity than ever before. I’m excited for the photo shoots to come, music that will be played, gatherings with friends and family, and I almost forgot, the food that will be eaten :).

I have a Pinterest account and I’m OBSESSED ( I went through my quote board and they really got me pumped for the new year!!! Quotes are so fun, little short messages that speak into my life. I thought I’d share! For more of my interest quotes go here!


An Ugly Sweater Greeting:Santa Clause Is Comin’ (came) to Town

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!! Christmas is not over yet, it is 1 a.m. and technically the 26th, but to me it is not over!

This video is from when Adam and I went to an ugly sweater Christmas party.

SO after the party we came home and we just didn’t want to get out of our beautiful sweaters. Actually Adam changed out of his within 1 minute of getting home, but I made him put it back on for our video. We have been learning jazz songs this year and we thought it would be fun to make a jazz version of a Christmas song. “Santa Clause is Comin’ to Town” sounded right jazzed up with some 7ths added and  so that’s the one we went with!!

I have been so overwhelmed with excitement around this years Christmas. It just seems extra magical for some reason. I feel so thankful to have the people in our lives that we have, and have been blessed this year with our move to a beautiful area and enjoying my life together with Adam. I am trying to take it all in and appreciate it, because there will probably be some future years where I don’t feel the same way. And once again I am constantly reminded that it is Christ we are celebrating, and that is something to celebrate.

My Car

My car broke down. Add some spark plugs and we’re good to go. I’m sitting in the car waiting for Adam and feeling content because I know that success is ahead and I am assured because I know where I am going.

I will not get tired, even when I am set back from where I am heading.



Inspiration can come from so many different scenes, people, experiences, websites… Sometimes I feel myself inspired and then I’m lead to yet another place of awe, and before I know it I have spiraled into this world of excitement and hope!!!! Adam and I had the absolute privilege of having a T-A-L-E-N-T-E-D wedding photographer, who called me personally to talk to me once I told her I was interested in photography. She is a family friend and an amazingly nice person, but I DID NOT expect the guidance and kind words that she gave me. She is at the top of her game, and she shoots INCREDIBLE shots. And I’m not talking about basketball here.

Her name is Heather Armstrong. ( Her advice ,and all the websites that she gave me has given me inspiration x10!! Each website, product, or photographer she has told me about has led me to an abundance of information!! THANK YOU! You are inspiring!!