Surprise Proposal | Jay + Dana | Monterey, CA

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Jay contacted me weeks before the surprise proposal and had every detail planned out. He beautifully orchestrated the smallest romantic element of the morning. He did a phenomenal job planning his moment and I was happy to help coordinate and make it happen for him and Dana. Dana was more than surprised and completely touched by the thought and care that Jay had been into this special time in their lives. They were an absolute joy to work with and the proposal was just…perfect. Congratulations Jay & Dana!

Promotional Video | Monika Greenaway Photography

1. I love when clients feel as though we are a great fit! If there’s mutual trust, and you love my work, then we’re going to have a great experience together!

2. I love people. Thank you for sharing your life with me.

3. I think quality is very important so I try my best to make sure I am documenting to the best of my ability! In 10, 30, 60 years I want my clients to look back with each other and with their families at the moments we captured together. That’s what is is all about!

My Wedding Attire

Sometimes clients ask me about the outfits I wear on a wedding day, and today’s post is about just that! I like to stick with professional and movable, as well as minimal and nice. I have found wonderful shoes that I wear to practically every wedding…they are aerosoles! Ya you heard that right! They are loafers so double score since they’re in style.

My favorite stores for wedding clothing are Banana Republic and J Crew. To me they have good quality products, with items that are not see-through and revealing. I love the JCrew Minnie Pant and I tend to stick with darker tones such as black and navy blue. I have on occasion worn a dress but I am very particular about this. The length needs to be close to my knees and I test the movability before actually wearing it on a wedding day. You better believe this includes squats, a fast walk, and moving my arms every way possible.

My hair usually ends up in a ponytail with my hair tied around the band and sometimes if the day is cooler I will start the day with my hair down. Oh, and a watch is one of the most important pieces! I like the Fossil brand.

I think this covers it all! If you have any questions about anything I am wearing please send me an e-mail and I am happy to answer them.

Wedding Outfits Wedding Outfits

My Wedding Attire

Meet Kristin | The Intern

I want to introduce you to Kristin! She is my cute and smart intern. She started working when her junior year ended in June and we have been going through all things photography! We mostly meet at this fun coffee shop below, and we also go out and perfect our craft by shooting the world. It has been a blast having her and I hope she is able to take away valuable information that will help her thrive in the photography industry. To learn more about Kristin, see her answers to questions below.



Who is your favorite band?

“I cannot choose, there are way too many…but my top favorites are The Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, and The Vaccines.”

What is your favorite coffee drink?

“My favorite coffee drink is not coffee, it’s chai tea :). I like latte’s too.”

What are your photography aspirations?

“I want to do event photography and weddings, anything I can do because I love it so much.”

What is your favorite color?

“Anything in the blue spectrum, so blue.”

Describe your perfect day.

“Going out to San Francisco, going to a concert, then shopping. Just overall having a fun adventure day with friends.”

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

“I would go back to London and the UK, and then India…because the culture seems really fascinating and I love the colors.”

What has been your favorite intern adventure day?

“When we went out to do a shoot at an old barn and ran into a thriving bee hive.”