Spring Photo Strip

Spring Photo Strip

It has been a full season and with so much going on January-May just flew on by. I can’t repeat enough to myself and out loud… it is all GOOD busy. When I catch myself feeling overwhelmed I remember how thankful I am to have work, to do what I love, to have family and friends we get to see often and a home that I am blessed to share with my sweet husband. Starting from the top left this has been our lives!

Top Left: We bought a condo! It is a surreal and an amazing blessing and we are so thankful to be settled in and so so so close to being fully unpacked. I took this picture on the first day moving in…it was a reminder to look ahead and not behind at all the boxes and clutter!!

Second: Family family family! With babies here spending time with family has been so sweet. We got to spend Easter weekend with my brother and sister in law and their adorable twins.

Third: I recorded footage with an amazing team for a new website video. I am still working on completing other scenes before it is finished!

Top Right: Wedding season is in full force! One of my first weddings of the year was an elopement in Carmel, CA and I keep saying I could photograph elopements everyday. Love love love.

Bottom Left: Adam and I have stepped out of our living room and have started filming music that we do together. It has been a blast, we are excited to document memories of us playing to have for our family and friends and we have a couple personal/original projects in the works to share as well. This time we did an Adele cover, it will be posted soon :)

Second: Beach days recently! Spring weather is warm here in Carmel and that is not common so off to the beach we go with our shorts and sandals!!

Third: Engagement session with a couple I LOVE! Their wedding is coming up in a few months.

Bottom Right: Adam and I have been playing at our church cafe’ service at Shoreline Community Church. A casual, acoustic set…and Shanna joins us sometimes with her beautiful violin skills. This shot was taken at our rehearsal, love her.




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