Making It Happen

A couple weeks ago I was on the fence about plans I had made to go to Grandma’s house. See, we had just bought a place (first home!) and we moved just a few days before the planned trip.

I meet with two photographers-turned-friends quarterly and we decided at our last retreat that we were going to spend our next couple days at my Grandma’s. This was after they met her around Christmas and found out how incredibly sweet and amazing she is!! And before we went into escrow.

So here I was in this tough predicament and I decided…you know what. I’m going. If I cancel now, this trip will probably not be rescheduled and yes we are living out of boxes and I have a tuexduex list down to my knees…but my gut is saying go. My husband gave me his blessing and he told me “the house will always be here”, and that was enough to send me on my way! I cannot even tell you how glad I am that I ended up driving the 3 1/2 hour trek deep in the valley to a little town called Dinuba. The gem she has lived in since the 40s-a place of peace, love, and homey. The timing wasn’t good, but sometimes you have to just make it happen despite your circumstances.

So now we have great memories of conversations about business and our lives around the dinner table, singing at the top of our lungs at Gma’s piano, looking at photos from the 30s, 40s, and 50s, and running around the fruit groves. We all made it happen and life is better because of it :).



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