Emergency Contact Plan

“You can have it all just not at once.” I saw this quote in a store window next to a mediterranean restaurant in Long Beach, CA where I worked in college. This statement stuck in my brain and means a couple different things to me but what I am about to write about today is this: When I start a new venture (business, project, etc.) I have a vision and I can accomplish the goals I have planned eventually, but not all at once. This is hard, this truth can be extremely challenging and daunting. I can see where I want to be, but it takes one project, one step at a time.

I have been continually working on creating a business that is honest, organized, and easy to understand for my clients. I have finished an emergency contact plan and I could not be happier! I now have peace about what will happen if, God forbid, I was unable to be physically present on a wedding day. Putting a system in place for a circumstance like this allows me to serve my clients better and lets them know they are well taken care of (my hope!) Thanks to Michelle Lang Photography, I was able to have a starting point as to how my emergency contact plan will look like. Thank you Michelle, you’re amazing!

Below is my emergency contact plan. I do not have all of the information posted due to privacy reasons and I have already explained to my three “information holders” (my husband, mother, and friend) how to access my client files and I have also walked them through how to navigate my gmail account where my wedding day information is stored.

1. Log into my gmail account to access my schedule and contacts.


2. Check to see what weddings are scheduled on my google calendar titled “Monika’s Wedding Calendar”
*In Gmail I mark all of my weddings on the books for the year including the weddings where I am the second photographer. I include details of the wedding day: addresses, a timeline, and contact information. I also include who I have contracted to be my second photographer if a collection that includes a second photographer has been chosen.

3. Contact my contracted second photographers for the wedding dates to make sure they have all of the information they need. Explain the situation to the second photographers. My second photographers know that they will step up to the role of the primary photographer should anything happen to me. I consider my second photographers to be highly skilled and have chosen them because I think their style matches my own.  If a second photographer has not yet been secured please contact the photographer’s below.

*If there is a note explaining a second photographer has not been contracted please contact the list below to secure both a primary and second photographer.

4. Please find a replacement second photographer. Contact the photographers listed below to see if they are available. These photographers are highly trusted professionals who I have worked with in the past.

Photographer 1
Photographer 2
Photographer 3
Photographer 4
Photographer 5
Photographer 6
Photographer 7
Photographer 8
Photographer 9
Photographer 10

5. If the above professionals are unavailable please search for the Facebook Groups below. Both of these groups have members who I trust. Within both of these groups are individuals who meet together as a group on a regular basis. I have confidence that they will come together to secure the needed photographers if need be.


FB Group 2 (Better Together San Jose | A Fast Track Photographer Group)
FB Group 4 (Monterey Photog Friends)

6. Upon securing a primary photographer and a second photographer please contact my couple. Explain the situation and that you have secured two photographers for their wedding day. Explain that I will be editing and completing their final package as long as I am in the state to do so. Please give them the primary and second photographer’s contact information.

Ta Da!! Please feel free to use this as your own or borrow whatever segments of this you wish to take!

Every post is better with a photo, and what better picture to add than this one of a gorgeous Vera Wang dress from a wedding photographed with Pictilio!

The Memories we Capture Today…

Do you have photos that are family favorites? Below are a couple of special pictures that many of our family members have showcased in their homes. Do you ever realize that the moments we capture today will be the memories our kids and even Grandkids will look at tomorrow?

Top photo: My Grandparents on my Mom’s side. Bottom photo: My Pop & Nana on my Dad’s side.

Grandpa & Grandma

Pop & Nana