Personal Family Photos 2013

There’s a new addition to our little family (on my side)! TYLER! Ahh he is so darling, we all can’t take it.  So my Mom LOVES photos, I mean the kind of love where our house is full of photo memories and the kind where I get a call after posting a photo with her telling me “I NEED that photo, I don’t have it yet!”

During the family shoot after Thanksgiving, my Mom was crying WHILE the photos were being taken and it kinda melted my heart :). I told her she made it easy for me, I didn’t have to put our family photos to a heart tugging song, all I had to do was have her there at the shoot! Love it. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, here are our family photos for 2013 :).


Pittman Family

My family…Adam…hubby… works for Pebble Beach Company and just got a promotion as Sales Manager for the Pebble Beach Golf Academy, so lots to celebrate! My Dad owns a Landscaping business and My Mom has been with the same company for over 30 years, The Produce Exchange, as director of operations. My brother is a firefighter for Lodi Fire in Lodi, CA and my sister in law is a high school math teacher for Lodi High (smarty!) Tyler is almost 7 months old and is very strong. He loves to read, eat avocados, and play with Mommy & Daddy. I am proud to call them mine.Pittman Greenaway FamilyDad & MomPittman FamilyPittman/Greenaway FamilyI love seeing my brother with Tyler…:*)

Tyler & Dad


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