Kicking off the Holidays

Hey everyone!

It’s Friday! I finally feel like it’s OK to start diving into holiday mode. I have always wanted to plan before Thanksgiving, but apparently that isn’t the rule. BUT, we can make our own rules can’t we!? This weekend I will be baking with a good friend of mine and her daughter. I may or may not post the final product we shall see. Baking is not my strongest talent…I have been known to skip an ingredient or add an unnecessary one, and those who are GOOD bakers know that that can be a matter of life or death. Like that one time I forgot baking soda in my Dad’s birthday cake (it still tasted ok it was just very flat and dense) and that other time I put butter on the cookie sheet so the cookies didn’t stick. Well….they didn’t stick but they did BURN.

So WISH me luck! What are you baking during this time of year? Here is what I am making below…

Holiday Baking! Holiday Baking!



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