A Reminder: The Importance of Photography

“Ms.K” our beloved high school choir teacher, who instilled hard work in those she taught, believed in them and was so incredibly dedicated to her students.
Ms.KMelissa (pictured above) called and asked me to find photos of Ms.K who passed away last week after fighting cancer incredibly hard for 8 years. As I was going through my high school albums and photo boxes I kept finding photos of Ms.K that I had seen over and over again. But this time was different. I looked at the photos with emotion that I hadn’t felt before. They were special in a new way.

I sat down and realized, photography is magical to enjoy in the moment and to share with those who are still here with us. But when those loved ones in the photos are gone and we are left with an image forever stopped in time, the photo takes on a whole new meaning.

Love each other, and say it. Take photos. Lots and lots of photos.

We love you Ms.K!


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