Finding Camaraderie in a (sometimes) Isolating Career Path

I LOVE weddings, wedding photography, and the day to day that goes with it. Ok maybe not every. single. task. in the day to day, but I am happy to work through and outsource the sides I don’t like because the whole of wedding photography is a complete JOY in my life.

I couldn’t pursue this business if it wasn’t for industry peers who have become friends, people who are inspiring, and professionals who, when they do well, I find happiness in their success. We are in this together, hustling, collaborating, discussing, and as a whole LOVING what we do. And to YOU I want to say thank you.

Below is a thank you note from Karey Ronnow, who I second shoot for regularly. Her thank you notes are extremely cute and thoughtful, and always appreciated!

Karey's CardsLove,Monika


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