Office Space

There was a need within my business and it was time to work on a home office project to designate an area of the home to conduct work. Separate from home life, away from all things that scream just get comfortable you are home. And…TA DAH!

The past week has been used to plan out how I would like the space to be and how I should set up all of my equipment, decor, etc. after the paint dries on the cabinet. The final details are coming into place, but I already notice a difference in productivity, professionalism, and overall excitement about the day to day tasks that are needed to move a business forward.

For me, I work better in an inspiring, clean and organized space. After trying out a kitchen table workspace and a tray on the couch set up it was DEFINITELY time to move on to having everything together…

After I learn what works and doesn’t, I will post the full area!

Happy Wednesday! Do you need a more inspiring and organized space for your business?

New Office Space for Monika Greenaway PhotographyLove,Monika


One response

  1. I love this Monika!!! And I’m starting to believe we’re either twins, sisters or just really good friends, because I’m totally redoing my office to create that inspirational place where I can dream out loud and be professional and get my work done! I’m much slower at getting it done than you, but hopefully mine will be done soon too!


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