Music | Monday…I mean Tuesday

Due to a Monday wedding yesterday! Yes Monday! It was so lovely :)…due to a Monday wedding yesterday I did not post my Music Monday post. Maybe it is a good thing I didn’t because maybe I wouldn’t have found Elenowen. Oh. Days are so good when I find new artists that I fall in love with!! Elenowen are a husband and wife duo, and their harmonies…oh. Their harmonies!! Please please please go listen. It’s pure beauty.

Not only do I love that they are a husband and wife team that makes magical music, one of their first albums was called Pulling Back the Veil. Hello…wedding! In that album they candidly share about the ups and downs of their marriage. I love when marriage is not portrayed as this facade of all butterflies and roses but of something that is incredibly hard to do, and at the same time surprisingly rewarding and fulfilling when you both choose to love, sacrifice, really really try for the other person, and give grace. Lots and lots of grace.

Here is one of their songs titled “Head to My Heart”




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