Family Getaway | San Luis Obispo Maternity Photos

My brother and sister in law rented a beautiful home in San Luis Obispo full of personality and character Easter weekend this year for our family. The home was built in 1905 and spans 100 acres with horse and cattle grazing and gorgeous scenic views of the Edna Valley and Islay hill. It was a photographers dream to stay here, and luckily my sister in law was almost 8 months pregnant so we were able to take some photos of Jon & Heidi on the property :)


We even had our own OUT HOUSE!

san_luis_obispo_maternity_jon_heidi-3 blog2





We had to get a family farm photo ;)blog4


They’re the sweetest…

san_luis_obispo_maternity_jon_heidi-16 blog5

I died with these photos. I think Heidi looks insanely gorgeous, and is basically the poster woman for all pregos.blog6san_luis_obispo_maternity_jon_heidi-19


And last a casual candid, hanging out on the beach…enjoying the last month before little Tyler comes into the world and changes our lives forever :)



Music Monday | Ingrid Michaelson

I love the color white, Simple Magazine, and the less is more lifestyle. Ingrid Michaelson sings about love in the simplest of  ways and it makes my heart take a fresh of breathe air the same way a white room with open space gives me peace of mind.

“Everybody wants to love, everybody wants to be loved.”

“You take me the way I am”

Happy music Monday!


G.W. & Holley | Livermore, CA Wedding

G.W. & Holley met in high school and almost 10 years later on March 23rd, 2013 they came together as husband and wife on a beautiful Saturday in Livermore, CA. The sun was shining and the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, creating a beautiful landscape for their breathtaking day.

Congratulations G.W. and Holley! I absolutely loved photographing your wedding and enjoyed my time with your sweet family and absolutely wonderful friends. I wish you two the most happiness in life.

gw-holley-livermore-california-wedding (21)

Oh Holley you are too gorgeous!

gw-holley-livermore-california-wedding (20)

Work it ladies…

gw-holley-livermore-california-wedding (5)

gw-holley-livermore-california-wedding (3)

gw-holley-livermore-california-wedding (13)

gw-holley-livermore-california-wedding-ceremony (16)

G.W. this one is for you by special request :)

gw-holley-livermore-california-wedding-ceremony (14)

gw-holley-livermore-california-wedding-ceremony (11)

This was one happy bridal party-so great to work with.

gw-holley-livermore-california-wedding-bridal-party (5) gw-holley-livermore-california-wedding-bridal-party (17)

My favorite hair of the day. Besides Holley’s OF COURSE.
gw-holley-livermore-california-wedding-bridal-party (18) gw-holley-livermore-california-wedding-bridal-party (19)

gw-holley-livermore-california-wedding (12) gw-holley-livermore-california-wedding (13)

I loved having Katie Noel there as my second photographer, she captured amazing angles!  gw-holley-livermore-california-wedding (3)

G.W. & Holley's Livermore CA Wedding

To view more of G.W. & Holley’s wedding view the slideshow below!


Music Monday-Brooke Fraser

Negativity is everywhere. Whether it is other people’s negativity or the negative thoughts we have in our head about ourselves. I understand that life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies but when it comes to growing and succeeding I believe positivity is a MUST. In the book The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind author  T. Harv Eker focuses on writing down successes to train the mind to stray from self criticism. Yes please! So here are my  successes for the day:

1) I went for a run at 8am this morning on the beach. I have been trying to retrain myself to wake up earlier and it’s a struggle since I work at home. But today…I did it.

2) I cut up apples for Adam and I

3) I had a client meeting with an adorable couple

4) I got the mail from the mail box

5) I cleaned my make-up brushes

Small or big, they’re successes…:) another thing that brings positivity to my soul is loooooove songggs….and for music Monday we have…my absolutely favorite artist Brooke Fraser with the song “Sailboats”.