The Girl With the Pearl Earring

The Girl with a Pearl Earring exhibit featuring Vermeer’s famous painting and artists from the Dutch Golden age in the 17th century is currently being shown at the De Young museum in San Francisco. I was most excited to see Rembrant’s work since there is a photography technique named after him, no big deal. I was curious to see, in person, how he painted light and I think it so fascinating when different art forms inspire the other.

While visiting my parents this last weekend we realized we had some free time. We purchased the tickets over the phone at 10p.m. Saturday night, talked to a LIVE person (what service!) and reserved our tickets for the following day.

The click clack of my sandals echoed in the open rooms lined with hard wood floor, I strolled through the grey painted rooms, art work covering the spaces in a strategic and simplistic way. I was in awe of the effort it takes to craft a skill, and stood in amazement at the people who became the best at what they did. I was stunned to be in the presence of genuine art work created by the masters you learn about it school. My Dad shared the same feelings. In fact, I think that is what we are talking about in the photo below. :)

De Young Museum San Francisco



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