G.W. & Holley | Livermore, CA Wedding

G.W. & Holley met in high school and almost 10 years later on March 23rd, 2013 they came together as husband and wife on a beautiful Saturday in Livermore, CA. The sun was shining and the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, creating a beautiful landscape for their breathtaking day.

Congratulations G.W. and Holley! I absolutely loved photographing your wedding and enjoyed my time with your sweet family and absolutely wonderful friends. I wish you two the most happiness in life.

gw-holley-livermore-california-wedding (21)

Oh Holley you are too gorgeous!

gw-holley-livermore-california-wedding (20)

Work it ladies…

gw-holley-livermore-california-wedding (5)

gw-holley-livermore-california-wedding (3)

gw-holley-livermore-california-wedding (13)

gw-holley-livermore-california-wedding-ceremony (16)

G.W. this one is for you by special request :)

gw-holley-livermore-california-wedding-ceremony (14)

gw-holley-livermore-california-wedding-ceremony (11)

This was one happy bridal party-so great to work with.

gw-holley-livermore-california-wedding-bridal-party (5) gw-holley-livermore-california-wedding-bridal-party (17)

My favorite hair of the day. Besides Holley’s OF COURSE.
gw-holley-livermore-california-wedding-bridal-party (18) gw-holley-livermore-california-wedding-bridal-party (19)

gw-holley-livermore-california-wedding (12) gw-holley-livermore-california-wedding (13)

I loved having Katie Noel there as my second photographer, she captured amazing angles!  gw-holley-livermore-california-wedding (3)

G.W. & Holley's Livermore CA Wedding

To view more of G.W. & Holley’s wedding view the slideshow below!


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  1. Goodness the timing of the blossoms in bloom is so beautiful! I really love the self portrait shot of the girls with the iPhone, love that!

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