Music Monday-Brooke Fraser

Negativity is everywhere. Whether it is other people’s negativity or the negative thoughts we have in our head about ourselves. I understand that life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies but when it comes to growing and succeeding I believe positivity is a MUST. In the book The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind author  T. Harv Eker focuses on writing down successes to train the mind to stray from self criticism. Yes please! So here are my  successes for the day:

1) I went for a run at 8am this morning on the beach. I have been trying to retrain myself to wake up earlier and it’s a struggle since I work at home. But today…I did it.

2) I cut up apples for Adam and I

3) I had a client meeting with an adorable couple

4) I got the mail from the mail box

5) I cleaned my make-up brushes

Small or big, they’re successes…:) another thing that brings positivity to my soul is loooooove songggs….and for music Monday we have…my absolutely favorite artist Brooke Fraser with the song “Sailboats”.


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