Don’t Think Too Much

This week I am overwhelmed with profound information that is clicking (and I am taking notes on-read post below!). The topics that seem to stick with an extra amount of bondage are the ones that I keep hearing over and over again from different sources, and then I think…I am supposed to get this, it keeps showing up.

Here is it…

‘”Don’t Think Too Much” my BOSU instructor says this, musicians say this,…and several books by business gurus speak on this subject.

It’s not that you don’t think ever-its not thinking after you have practiced something over and over again from what I understand. For example I have songs that I have memorized and when playing at home I feel like Alicia Keys at the Superbowl. Confident, seamless, and dynamic. Then I go in front of a group…”what is that line again?” “will I be able to hit that note?” It’s in those moments thinking should not be an option, but just doing on auto pilot. I have practiced, I have it down, and I have done it time and time again-so I must not think too much.
Don't Think Too Much.


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