Business Books on my Mind.

One big focus for me this year is reading reading reading. My goal is to learn how to serve my clients better, to find out how to structure my business so it can be the best it can be. One topic that blows my mind lately and keeps coming up is the fact that we forget A LOT of what we learn. I know for me personally I could read a book and then if I don’t put any more thought or jot down notes, all of that life changing information that completely altered my thinking is suddenly out of my brain within a couple weeks! How does that happen?! How tragic is that?

I have created a note taking system with small sticky note pads. I write down the information I absolutely do not want to forget and I stick these pages to the back of my books. Every week I revisit my notes from one book so the ideas stay fresh in my mind. I don’t want to learn valuable information, forget, and then never implement them into my business. That does no good.

I did not come up with this genius idea, in one of the books I read recently “Love is the Killer App” the author Tim Sanders gave me an example of how he retains information. Crazy enough, soon after I read that I listened to a sermon by Brad Reiches about this very same topic. You better believe I wrote notes down because if I hadn’t…in a weeks time I may have forgotten.



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