Self Portraits + Vivan Maier

A couple weekends ago I came home to Monterey from my original home at my parent’s house in the SF Bay Area. I brought home a brown Trader Joe’s bag care package and nestled among clothes left at home from previous visits and fruit I found an article  my Mom had stuck in there about Vivian Maier. I had heard about her here and there but this article educated me on who she was and what her story is. After being so intrigued by everything I read I quickly grabbed my laptop and went to her website and stayed there for a couple hours. And I have been thinking abut her and her work ever since. There are many qualities about Vivian Maier that struck me, but two in particular stick out.

One being, she didn’t share her work, she had thousands of film rolls that hadn’t even been developed when she died. She took photographs not for other people but for herself-she had a deep passion for documenting.

Second, she has a few self portraits that I was in awe of. It is always a pleasant surprise to me to see the person behind the photographs.

She inspired me to post one of  my self portraits taken last year in SF, and I have to say when I took this photo I didn’t have the intention of sharing it with the world. My husband Adam says my self portrait is a little scary…I  can see why, my choice of facial expression does not bring a happy feel ;-)

If you don’t know Vivian’s story, I encourage to look into it here.

Vivian ArticleSelf Portrait



Reaching Top Levels

Music creates motivation for many people. My husband  wakes up to a song of his choice, and continues to listen to music in the morning to  get him up and ready for the day. I like to listen to music while I work and in the car on road trips. I think musicians reach a top level when they have the ability to make people excited to listen to their music. When the music is on the forefront of their mind and they think “I need to listen to that song RIGHT NOW”. I am happy to say one of my closest friends-my best friend-has reached this level!!! I am excited to listen to her songs in the car, in the morning, and during the day! Her music is available on i-tunes Melissa Harding “Set me Apart” and my three favorites are “Waiting for a Sign” “Cold Again” and “Set me Apart”.

And to celebrate Spring…

Spring Cherry Blossoms



Decisions, decisions, decisions. I saw a quote posted the other day…”When you love your decisions, the less you need others to like them.”

Since making my new wedding photography website made by Sitehouse Designs I have made a lot of decisions. Colors, fonts, words, photos-and most importantly choosing what to display and how to show the world who I am and what I photograph. While we are constantly making decisions we should love them! After all we have to live with them :)

I have chosen to specialize in weddings because this is an area that I LOVE and I want to master the genre, fully immerse myself in the world of vows, cakes, and flowers, and I want to serve my brides and grooms on one of the most important days of their life.


I Belong With You, You Belong With Me

On Valentine’s Day I posted a link to the song “Ho,Hey” on my facebook, and it literally has been in my head for FOUR DAYS STRAIGHT.

I realize that the lyrics are to a girl that he isn’t with anymore, but in my head the story ends up much like the movie The Notebook. Girl is about to marry another man while the ho hey singer is thinking about her and writing songs about her all day and everyday…waiting to become famous just so she takes notice in him again. And in the end much like when Allie sees the photo of Noah in the newspaper after he built the house…they fall back in love.

That’s my version anyway! And since the song won’t go away, I might as well enjoy it!


Hearts & Stars

I met with 4 lovely ladies yesterday to watch a Jasmine Star  & CreativeLIVE photography workshop  . When J* & CreativeLIVE come together there is knowledge oozing out of the computer screen! If you want to grow further in your photography business be sure to check them out, there is another coming in March, watch live for free!

On our breaks we discussed ways we have moved forward in growing our businesses within the last 30 days, talked about future dreams, and helped each other with questions. Here’s to growing together in 2013!

SOOO It’s Valentine’s Day! Happy hearts day to you and yours. Adam and I will be going out to dinner tonight, gazing into each other’s eyes and telling each other how much we love each other. Corny I know…but….true.