It’s easy to get into the mode of wanting to do more, start more projects. I am always humbled and grateful when I take a moment to look back on accomplishments and experiences. 2012 was an amazing year! I had the opportunity to work with lovely couples, local businesses within the wedding industry, and I met some incredible people through various shoots!

Brian & Pearla

Brian & Perla’s Napa estate wedding. Photographed with [b]ecker


A photo shoot with my basically sister Mariette!

Tony & Tamara
Tony & Tamara’s gorgeous Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay wedding!
G.W. & Holley

G.W. & Holley’s engagement photos. The wedding is coming up in March!

Kirk & Jackie's Wedding

Kirk & Jackie’s Carmel, CA wedding!

Beauty at 90

Celebrating my pretty Grandma’s 90th birthday!!


Did I mention golfing?

J.C. & Diane

J.C. & Diane’s Chateau La Joye wedding in Half Moon Bay. Photographed with Yuliya M.

Yuliya's Photos

Getting photographs taken by the talented Yuliya :)


REALLY enjoying marriage :) :)

Dana & Apollo

Playing on the beach with friends :)


Anthony & Eva’s classy Ritz Carlton Truckee Wedding!


Tom & Kasia

While on a trip to Paris I was so excited to meet with a photographer there who follows my blog.

Casey & Natalie

Casey & Natalie’s vintage Los Gatos Maison Du Lac wedding.


Lots of time spent with the family and talking about the new addition :) (see bump on right)

Meeting with best friends!!

Meeting with best friends!!

Ben & Jennifer

Ben & Jennifer’s rustic Sacramento wedding. Photographed with Yuliya M.


Having one of my original songs featured on Yuliya M.’s engagement slideshow :)

Justin & Danielle

Justin & Danielle Monterey CA couples session.

Peter & Caitlin's Wedding

Peter & Caitlin’s Santa Clara wedding. Photographed with Yuliya M.

CoLab 2012

I attended a workshop called CoLab with these fine and talented photographers in Sunol, CA!

Stuart & Madison

An anniversary photo shoot in Carmel, CA with Stuart & Madison.

Golf with Adam

Golf golf and more golf with the husband :)

Adam in Seattle

A trip to Seattle with my husband Adam to visit good friends of ours.

Jasmine Star

Being models for Jasmine Star’s CreativeLive workshop in Seattle while visiting there!

Noah & Leah

A couples photo shoot with Noah & Leah!

Noah & Leah


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