Breathing in the Outside Air

Since I work from home with my part-time job and with my photography business I am finding that I absolutely have to structure my days with regular business hours to be fully productive. I was trying to speed through everything without actually writing in “take lunch break” “take 10 minute break” and I discovered I was becoming less productive…tired…and very hungry for lunch at 3pm.

I just started to schedule in breaks this week and this schedule will be here to stay. I went for a walk on my 10 minute break this week to a park down the street that I haven’t been to in the eight months since we’ve moved to our new apartment. It was peaceful and I was able to test out photography exposures, rest, and instead of looking out the window breathing in the hot oxygen from my space heater , I ¬†took in the fresh crisp, winter Monterey air.

park blog2 park3

Over & Over Again

Much like many dinner scenes in our home, I break into conversation about life, why we’re here, what we’re supposed to be doing, how to end world hunger. You know, calm dinner talk.

Many a time what gets brought up is the status of our goals and where we are at in terms of getting there.

“When it comes down to it, we can talk about it all we want, but mostly we have to do it over and over again to make it happen and to get better.”

Why is my husband so wise?

Here’s to doing, forever learning and getting better. OVER AND OVER AGAIN.