70 Years Ago | Albert & Mae Ewert

70 years ago today, December, 27th 1942 Nancy Mae Baker met Albert J. Ewert at Friends church in Colorado Springs on a cold winter night.

My Grandmother was the greeter that night and they had guest singers from the nearby military camp, one being my Grandfather. After the program my Grandmother commented on my his beautiful tenor solo and well…he didn’t end up moving on to the other greeters. He walked her home while discussing mutual acquaintances and they went on to have a nine month relationship mostly through letter writing.

This Christmas marked the second year that Grandpa wasn’t with us so my grandmother pulled out her photo of him that she carries with her and spoke about the many memories they had. She reminded me to be in the moment with Adam and to really soak in and enjoy our time together.

My Grandfather wrote in his journal “She was an excellent greeter, an attractive and beautiful girl. Somehow we hit it off right away.” 68 years later they still wanted more time together!

A true love story. I cling to their story and other’s like it and will always be encouraged by their love.

Grandpa & Grandma

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  1. Monika, I loved reading this. How special. She is a very wise woman. We all miss Albert. He was such a very special brother in law. Someone we all looked up to and enjoyed over the years. Thank you for shareing. Dorothy Morris


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