Story Ornaments

When I was young, every year my brother and I would get an ornament that represented whatever experiences or activities we had going on in our lives at the time. For example, when I was 10 I got an ornament that was a pair of ice-skates because I was a part of The Silver Stars, a competing synchronized ice-skating team, while my brother got a baseball bat and ball ornament.

Now when I go home to my parents house for Christmas I see all the mixtures of ornaments we have accumulated throughout the years, it makes me reflect back on the different opportunities that we had and how they all contribute to the people we are today.

Now Adam and I have a family tree of our own and we have started to add ornaments that represent our lives from year to year. Here’s a little glimpse into our tree…

We were engaged on an ice-skating rink in Walnut Creek CA and…look at that a camera. If only my camera had a sparkly lens and flash…

My Mom gave me this glass angle and it reminds me of the generous angel that she is…Adam’s first trip overseas landed him at the city of love-Paris.


When I was in college I worked as a temp on Wilshire Blvd. at Virgin Entertainment Group as a Marketing Manager and later held a part-time position in accounting. One year they gave us employees these ornaments.


This past year I came together with a few friends to start a dinner club so we could become better chefs. One of the girls made this ornament last year that has our logo (yes our CEO of the club made us a logo and everything) and she cut up recipe lines that we used and put them in the ornament. She’s quite crafty I tell ya…christmas_7

Disneyland is a very special place to me. My family liked going to the same two vacation spots every year. We went to Disneyland or a beach house in Pismo Beach. My parents now express that they should have branched out, but these two places have become very special because of the many memories made there throughout the years.
This year is the first year I have my Christmas presents done in advance…this year is the most organized I’ve been and I could definitely get used to this. Now I can sit back, reflect, and remember all of life’s experiences, appreciate each one, and look forward to more adventures to come.christmas_31

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  1. Ahhhh, this was so much fun to read! I love the Eiffel Tower of course and you can’t beat that camera. Our trip is much more store like in appearance, but yours definitely has a character! Love it!


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