Three Cheers for Online Planning Tool Tuexduex!

Attention planners!! If you don’t like clutter and prefer less paper this is for you. If you have a joy of crossing things off your list this is for you. If you like to cross things off your list and put them at the bottom this is for you! If you need to change an activity to a different day and have to rewrite your list to make it to look less like a complicated math equation THIS IS FOR YOU!!

I just reminded myself of a as seen on TV infomercial…oh gosh…

I have been working on my task management and this online tool has really served me WELL. I would like to share this with whoever this may help since it has become my daily guide to getting tasks done and my weekly platform to plan out my weeks events.

With Tuexduex‘s easy to use interface you can drag events to different days and there is a place for “someday”, for those ideas that pop into your head and you don’t know quite what to do with them. They’ll stay there until you need to place them on a day to finally get them done!


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