Taking in the Scenery

One realization I have had recently is my need for scenery photos. My scenery photos have been non-existant. I went through my Paris & Germany photos and I realized I had TWO scenery photos out of the whole 10 day trip. Yes, two photos of gorgeous Parisian and German landscape.

I have had so much focus on photographing people because I am trying to continually get better with capturing natural moments of being, and also posing aspects (for my main focus of wedding photography), but my tunnel focus lead me to forgot about the scenes around me. While traveling to Cambria a couple weeks ago I started taking more photos of the gorgeous coast water off of highway 1, the unique plants of the area, and the character of the town and I realized how important they are to completing a story.

3 responses

    • Yes I agree. I may not have been very clear but in terms of say a wedding, which is the one area I am focusing on, I want scene photos (say the venue) so I can complete the story.


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