The Proof is in the Primer.

I posted a shout out to Bare Essentials eye primer yesterday on facebook, and I wanted to see the difference it makes on my eyes through photos. I was actually more surprised than I thought I would be! I mean, I knew I liked the product but I was amazed to see the big difference that it made. In the before photo I just put a sheer layer of light eye shadow and it kept clumping together and it wasn’t spreading easily. Also the folds in my eyes are very visible.

When I put the primer on it not only gave my eye an instant lift it covered my eye like a blanket leaving a smooth canvas for my make-up to sit on. AND THE BEST PART IS IT LASTS ALL DAY. Before I had this, by the time I got in the car my make-up was already creased. The first day I used this product I kept checking the mirror to see how long it lasted, and I kid you not it lasted until I washed my face that night.

GREAT for prepping your eyes for a wedding day.


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