Dear Sistas!

Ok….seriously. The girls that I met in college have changed my life. They fill my soul, make me laugh so hard I can’t breath, and are there for me in all of life’s seasons.

We lived on Deerpark Drive together in Fullerton and we never fought. It was as though we lived in rainbow and butterfly land with singing birds and bright airy light coming through the window everyday. Someone once told us that they didn’t understand how we were so nice to each other. They thought it was weird.

We were ourselves and had our moments (like the time two of the girls posted opposing presidential posters in a passive aggressive battle during the 2008 election), but there were never big blow ups, we prided ourselves in not gossiping about each other, and we always stayed real and honest with one another. Was that all one sentence?

I thank God for these girls everyday, because duh he brought them into my life. Dear sistas, we are going into our third year of our CA adventures! Next stop…Solvang!

The little yellow cottage was so welcoming…



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