A New Life.

The whole weekend I couldn’t get over the fact that there is a baby growing in my sister in law’s stomach! A life, half hers half my brothers, is being made and she has her little belly to show for it.

“I can’t wait until I am bigger, so you can actually tell I am pregnant.” Heidi shared this past weekend. It is exciting for our family to watch her grow and to anticipate a new gift born into our family. We are incredibly grateful and excited for the new ball of cuteness to arrive in mid May, I am so happy for the both of them.

Aunt Monika…Auntie Monika…Ant Monika…Antie Monika. Hmmm which sounds best?

Family:Like Branches on a Tree

My brother and my sister in law Heidi came to visit last weekend and after they left I felt an overwhelming sense of joy for being able to have family around. To celebrate each other’s accomplishments, and to relax in each other’s company whether in silence or in deep conversation. I feel incredibly proud of the both of them and am happy to call them my family.

My brother is a firefighter in Lodi which is respectable and impressive in itself, and Heidi is a high school math teacher. YES she majored in math at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo,a major accomplishment in my eyes, and I am in awe of her disciple and smarts.

Overall I am thankful for the time I get to spend with my loved ones and I realize…I am blessed. So so blessed.

I’ll end with this quote that I found on pinterest: “Family: Like branches on a tree we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.”

Taking in the Scenery

One realization I have had recently is my need for scenery photos. My scenery photos have been non-existant. I went through my Paris & Germany photos and I realized I had TWO scenery photos out of the whole 10 day trip. Yes, two photos of gorgeous Parisian and German landscape.

I have had so much focus on photographing people because I am trying to continually get better with capturing natural moments of being, and also posing aspects (for my main focus of wedding photography), but my tunnel focus lead me to forgot about the scenes around me. While traveling to Cambria a couple weeks ago I started taking more photos of the gorgeous coast water off of highway 1, the unique plants of the area, and the character of the town and I realized how important they are to completing a story.

The Proof is in the Primer.

I posted a shout out to Bare Essentials eye primer yesterday on facebook, and I wanted to see the difference it makes on my eyes through photos. I was actually more surprised than I thought I would be! I mean, I knew I liked the product but I was amazed to see the big difference that it made. In the before photo I just put a sheer layer of light eye shadow and it kept clumping together and it wasn’t spreading easily. Also the folds in my eyes are very visible.

When I put the primer on it not only gave my eye an instant lift it covered my eye like a blanket leaving a smooth canvas for my make-up to sit on. AND THE BEST PART IS IT LASTS ALL DAY. Before I had this, by the time I got in the car my make-up was already creased. The first day I used this product I kept checking the mirror to see how long it lasted, and I kid you not it lasted until I washed my face that night.

GREAT for prepping your eyes for a wedding day.

Dear Sistas!

Ok….seriously. The girls that I met in college have changed my life. They fill my soul, make me laugh so hard I can’t breath, and are there for me in all of life’s seasons.

We lived on Deerpark Drive together in Fullerton and we never fought. It was as though we lived in rainbow and butterfly land with singing birds and bright airy light coming through the window everyday. Someone once told us that they didn’t understand how we were so nice to each other. They thought it was weird.

We were ourselves and had our moments (like the time two of the girls posted opposing presidential posters in a passive aggressive battle during the 2008 election), but there were never big blow ups, we prided ourselves in not gossiping about each other, and we always stayed real and honest with one another. Was that all one sentence?

I thank God for these girls everyday, because duh he brought them into my life.¬†Dear sistas, we are going into our third year of our CA adventures! Next stop…Solvang!

The little yellow cottage was so welcoming…