A 6 Month Old & His Beautiful Mom

Amanda stopped by while I was house sitting and taking care of my parents-in-law’s beloved boxer. Before we went to go grab some dinner together I snapped some photos of her cutie son. It has been so fun seeing her be a Mom after being friends for about ten years. I hadn’t seen him smile so much so of course I ended up taking a few more than planned.


I’m too young to be a motherly figure to her, and although we are in completely different places in life we sometimes call each other friend, but the name that seems to fit best is sister. When I met Mariette at church 7 years ago she was the cutest 10 year old EVER. And…talented. She sings, plays guitar, drums, and keyboard, and she never stops amazing me.

I love you sister, happy 17th birthday!

Stationary, Stamps, & a Wax Seal.

I have been continually working on my brand, trying to create one that I proud of rather than a make shift rushed representation of my business.

I just put together what my letters that I send off to clients look like and I am so happy with what I have. I believe something is right when I’m excited to put it together, care has gone into every detail, and when everything is finished and ready to send it puts a smile on my face because it’s of good quality and I love it.

I ordered a return address stamp, a custom stamp with my love,monika signature that you may have seen at the end of my posts, and a custom wax seal with the same signature. I love them. And they do make me smile which makes me more excited about the fact that I am really starting to create a brand for love,monika. Off to send the first letter off right now!

I cannot decide which pen I love best. I love the thin point on the zebra pen, but I also like the fluidity of the gel pen. Still working on this one…

Rashad & Michelle | Walnut Creek, CA | Elks Lodge Wedding

I quickly realized this classic wedding with a country twist was something special. Rashad & Michelle had been dating for eight years and in the words of Michelle’s mother, “I am calm because this is right, they are right for each other.”

The wedding and reception took place at Elks Lodge in Walnut Creek followed by a reception at the same location. My favorite thing about this wedding…well besides their adorable love for each other, and happily ever after day of course…her NECKLACE !!

I had a fabulous time shooting with Corinna See, a fellow [b]school member!

Perla & Brian| Napa Estate Wedding

I arrived in Napa early before the wedding and decided to soak in the 80 degree sun while walking downtown Napa. I was glad to know that it was going to be a beautiful day for Brian & Perla.

After meeting Becker in the lobby of the Westin Verasa we made our way up to the gorgeous bride.

Perla was spunky, calm, and glowing while anticipating her big day. Thank you Brian and Perla for allowing me to watch your fabulous wedding unfold!

I was also very excited to be photographing with super star photographer Becker. It was great to finally meet the man behind the [b]school where I have found opportunities, met industry peers, and have spent hours browsing never ending resources that have allowed me to learn about the photography business.