Anthony & Eva | Ritz Carlton Truckee Wedding

Eva worked at Happs Steakhouse in Pleasanton CA and Anthony would come in for a rib eye steak and a beer. This was the first place they saw each other, but not the place where it all began. Fast forward a few years and we are taken to a scene where Eva recognized Anthony, a handsome bartender, but she couldn’t quite figure out where she knew him from. One thing led to another and they landed at their first date and have been together ever since.

Heading to Tahoe the breeze was light and the sun was shining bright. Anthony and Eva’s afternoon wedding outside at the Ritz Carlton could not have been any more glamorous and perfect. An intimate group of friends and family gathered among the tall pine trees surrounding the property to bring the families of Anthony and Eva together.

Anthony & Eva, you two along with your beautiful son Dom make such a sweet family. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your wedding day, I had so much fun seeing my friend get married to a wonderful man and I loved watching your love on your wedding day. 




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