Avila Beach, CA

I grew up vacationing in Pismo Beach, CA every year with my family. I always thought it would be fun to try somewhere new but every year the excitement remained for vacationing at a spot where so many memories had been made throughout my childhood. My Mom and her family spent time in the summer there and it was passed down to her and now to me. Adam’s Grandparent’s also lounged the beach on the Avila shoreline, so all around it’s a spot that has history with us.

Adam and I went for a late anniversary trip and as we drove up to the Avila Beach exit sign feelings of nostalgia and memories flooded my mind.

So we made it, down the windy road that lead us to a small town that takes 5 minutes to drive through, to make memories with the two of us.


GW & Holley | Bay Area Engagement

GW & Holley met on a blind date-to homecoming. YES they went to home coming together on a BLIND DATE! Luckily through all the pictures, corsages, and Avril Lavigne & Foo Fighter’s music they liked being around each other.

As time has gone by, they have realized that there is no one else out there for them besides each other, and it’s time to make things permanent.

It’s obvious they’re crazy about each other, and I’m honored to photograph one of the most memorable times of their lives. Thank you GW and Holley for inviting me to be a part of it.

Head shots & Change

I have learned that change is good. I think sometimes I’m scared of changing because of the labels I have, because I don’t think I can go so far, and because people have already categorized me on a certain talent level. But to me, that isn’t the right way to think.

We can all grow into more than we can imagine, we are constantly changing, learning new likes new dislikes and finding new systems that work for us. We should be able to share and rejoice in those changes with friends and family, and we can break out of categories that people have put us in because we are made to do great things.

Yuliya M. came to Monterey for a wedding and we were able to spend some time together. She took photos of me, and we talked for hours about photography and where we’d like to be in the near future. I am excited to work with other photographers in the industry who are ready to change, grow, and move on to better opportunities. In a field where it is easy to be alone, I am looking forward to going through new ventures together.

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