Spaghetti Head.

We arrived at Meeks Bay Resort on Sunday evening, and I couldn’t move. My mind was processing everything that had just happened from my first wedding TO MYSELF EVER and I was pleased, anxious, excited, wondering, all at the same time. I think of my brain like spaghetti. I have all these different pathways intermingled that lead to different topics and my thoughts rush from one end of the noodle to the other sometimes crossing over before it reaches the end of the one it started at, and this is all happening at lightning speed.

Guys-you just got a little look inside a women’s brain.

Set up the camp site now? But I have to get all the equipment out of the heat…I don’t have sandals…I need…I need… (pouting)…I need to think…

After we settled in, bbq’d the camping man’s dream dinner- t-bone steaks with corn on the cob and a can of beans, we looked over the photos that were just taken a few hours before. I was able to breathe, take it all in, and articulate to Adam all that I was thinking. What I like, what I love, what I wish I did different.

Lucky him I know.

I have realized I am someone who needs to sort out my thoughts by talking it through, I need to write it out and reflect on my accomplishments and the things I would like to work on. I need Someone to listen to those realizations so I can be better, and become the photographer that is there inside myself. Someone who tells me I can do it.

Thank you Adam for listening to my spaghetti head. Thank you also for telling me I can.



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