Salmon in Lemon Brodetto with Pea Puree. Fancy.

A couple weeks ago I made salmon with kind of a made up stew. I dumped it all in a casserole dish added plenty of butter, because how can you go wrong with fish and butter? We sat down for dinner, and had some sourdough bread and crispy baked brussel sprouts to go with .I took my first bite of halibut. DRY. It was dry and not that tasty and I was so bummed.

I was bummed that I thought I could mix whatever sounded good in the moment and it would turn out good. So I made a plan to put more effort into my cooking so I dind’t end up hungry after eating dinner.

I got inspiration on the plane to Paris after watching an episode of Jamie Oliver. He is a british cook who does 30 min gourmet meals-fast, easy, and delicious. I love cooking, and I love good meals, but I don’t like to spend a ton of time every single day on meals. So he inspired me to be smart about the planning and the timing, without skimping on the flavors and overall goodness of the meal.

Sometimes taking a little extra time is so worth it.

Even more, sometimes involving just a little extra brain power and thought creates works of art.


Salmon in Lemon Brodetto



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