Malsch, Germany.

Malsch, Germany. Malsch always seemed like a far away land to me. I used to look at my Grandparents calendars and souvenirs from their travels there. I heard their friends voices on the phone and tried to pair up their faces to the photos of them from Malsch, Germany and Dinuba, California sister city events.

It was hard to believe that I was finally there meeting the people that meant so much to my Grandfather, and still mean so much to my Grandma. I was seeing the sites that they talked about for so long.

Before going on to four other cities we stopped at little Malsch, a town with one hotel and sleepy streets on Sunday.

Marion & Dennis along with their family and friends welcomed us to the town of lush gardens & traditional style German homes with open arms and with such hospitality. Whenever I travel I am always touched the most by people like them who share their homes and lives with us with such love and care.

More of my favorite travel photos to come from our adventures in Paris & Germany.



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