Rockin Robin, UCLA & Trivial Pursuit. I love you Dad.

One of my Dad’s trucks growing up didn’t have a stereo in it, so we were the stereo. Sometimes I would bring my brown fisher price stereo with the oversized buttons to play my absolute favorite song “Rockin Robin.” My Dad & I know practically every word to that song. To this day I think of my Dad when I hear it, and I remember simple days when we had nothing better to do than rewind the song 5 times in a row and sing at the top of our lungs imitating every melody & word emphasis.

My Dad always taught us that education is very important and he always told me I could absolutely go to UC Berkeley or UCLA…EASY. Well I didn’t go to either, I went to Cal State Fullerton (which-I think is a very fine establishment indeed), so thank you Dad for putting an importance on learning and growing.
My Dad is a simple man. He loves his family deeply and he is one of the hardest working human beings that I know. Buying him a six pack of (root)beer (gotcha!) for Christmas would be plenty good for him. He is very intelligent & wins games like trivial pursuit and answers questions like in 1967 who was Ella Fitzgerald’s doctor’s dog’s name.

DAD I love you so very much-from Germany, Happy Father’s Day.


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