4 a.m. In Paris

I sat straight up & heard the sounds of mini coopers & vespas racing around the cobblestone street outside our apartment window. “People are awake it must be time to wake up.” I thought to myself. I pressed the button on my phone and found 4:30a.m. I refreshed to make sure my phone switched over to the time change.

I was wide awake. There was no turning back to my dreams. Adams perfect plan would have included catching up on sleep but he decided since this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity we should walk the streets of Paris. There’s something about traveling that puts magical caffeine in my veins, giving me energy that I don’t obtain from anything else.

It was worth waking. We were greeted by the Eiffel tower & she gave us all her attention because there was silence among the absence of onlookers.

I’m still waiting to really wake up.




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