Slideshow Music.

My first wedding is coming up July 8th and I am SO excited. I have been planning the post production, and one of the things I am pondering is the slideshow music. About six months back I had an idea to record my own music for my slideshows since I am a singer. So it makes sense. But I was torn, I love websites like With Etiquette and The Music Bed for slideshow music licensing.

So when Yuliya, a friend of mine, who is a FABULOUS photographer, without hearing my idea said “I want to use your songs for my photography slideshow!!!”  I thought…maybe this could work.

Dun dun nah nahhhh….my first featured song on a wedding photography slideshow was featured on Yuliya’s blog last week and I am super excited! Yuliya thank you for using the song to go with your absolutely beautiful images, I feel honored.

Slideshow images by Yuliya M. Photography.



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