Paris & Germany. My Absolute Favorites.

A couple of years ago my brother and his wife decided to tour Europe for six weeks and it has been a topic of conversation here and there throughout the last two years. My sister-in-law Heidi is a high school math teacher, and my brother Jon is a firefighter (I’m a very proud sister I have to say), so they are able to have the time off for a longer period of time.

Throughout the past year Heidi and I joked about “meeting in Paris”, and when it came time to book their trip she asked with a smirk on her face…the question….”so for reals are we meeting in Paris as planned?” It was always a joke that I wished could be serious, but I honestly didn’t think we’d go. Surprisingly my Mom expressed interest, Adam stopped joking and honestly considered it, so the three of us met the two of them IN PARIS.

Here are some of my favorites from the trip.

The start of the Adam Greenaway in Europe photoshoot.

My absolute favorite photo from the trip. Not from my 60D but from my IPHONE. Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?

Nice socks.

The death of me everyday.

Our most gracious hosts in Germany, Dennis & Marion.

Oh Adam you just look too good with the European landscape.

Tom+Kasia | Paris,France.

“Kasia is now following your blog.”

This message made me smile.


I went to see who found me. Kasia¬†Kozinski is a portrait and commercial photographer in Paris and she saw Adam and I model on Jasmine Star’s CreativeLive workshop. We were chosen to pose as a bridesmaid and groomsmen for her live bridal shoot and there Kasia saw me live from Paris, found my information, and wah-lah.

I almost jumped off the couch I was so excited. From that moment I was leaving for Paris in a month! I hadn’t been to Paris at that point and I may never go back, so I couldn’t believe the timing.

She found my blog, I found hers, I messaged her, and we planned a day and time to meet in Paris. And we did.

We exchanged photos as we walked around.

Tom & Kasia met at school and their love is so passionate and sweet. I didn’t expect anything else because it seems as though the people walking the dreamy streets of Paris ooze charm and romance. Tom looks at Kasia with adoring eyes, Kasia gently smiles back with a playful smile.

Kasia, thank you for meeting with me, I am so happy to have you as a friend.


Thank you for introducing Angelina to me. Hot chocolate with a spoon is the way to do it. It’s that creamy people.

Malsch, Germany.

Malsch, Germany. Malsch always seemed like a far away land to me. I used to look at my Grandparents calendars and souvenirs from their travels there. I heard their friends voices on the phone and tried to pair up their faces to the photos of them from Malsch, Germany and Dinuba, California sister city events.

It was hard to believe that I was finally there meeting the people that meant so much to my Grandfather, and still mean so much to my Grandma. I was seeing the sites that they talked about for so long.

Before going on to four other cities we stopped at little Malsch, a town with one hotel and sleepy streets on Sunday.

Marion & Dennis along with their family and friends welcomed us to the town of lush gardens & traditional style German homes with open arms and with such hospitality. Whenever I travel I am always touched the most by people like them who share their homes and lives with us with such love and care.

More of my favorite travel photos to come from our adventures in Paris & Germany.

Rockin Robin, UCLA & Trivial Pursuit. I love you Dad.

One of my Dad’s trucks growing up didn’t have a stereo in it, so we were the stereo. Sometimes I would bring my brown fisher price stereo with the oversized buttons to play my absolute favorite song “Rockin Robin.” My Dad & I know practically every word to that song. To this day I think of my Dad when I hear it, and I remember simple days when we had nothing better to do than rewind the song 5 times in a row and sing at the top of our lungs imitating every melody & word emphasis.

My Dad always taught us that education is very important and he always told me I could absolutely go to UC Berkeley or UCLA…EASY. Well I didn’t go to either, I went to Cal State Fullerton (which-I think is a very fine establishment indeed), so thank you Dad for putting an importance on learning and growing.
My Dad is a simple man. He loves his family deeply and he is one of the hardest working human beings that I know. Buying him a six pack of (root)beer (gotcha!) for Christmas would be plenty good for him. He is very intelligent & wins games like trivial pursuit and answers questions like¬†in 1967 who was Ella Fitzgerald’s doctor’s dog’s name.

DAD I love you so very much-from Germany, Happy Father’s Day.