CoLab 2012

I turned left onto a dirt road with a sign overhead titled “T-Bear Ranch”. To my left were rows of trees and to my right were brown horses who greeted me as I made my way to several parking spaces just before the “the hot snack shack”. I walked past the piles of hay and was unwelcomed by a couple of very protective  geese protecting the mama goose who was busy laying her precious egg.

One of the hosts of the two day workshop CoLab2012, Maddie, opened the door and welcomed me with a smile on her face as she offered me coffee, scones, & tea with cream and sugar, just how I like it. She managed greeting & entertaining while petting her 170 lb. English Mastiff named Juno.

I knew I could get used to this place with insanely cute animals & lively welcoming people. Maddie, Emily & Jonas and special guest Meg Keene provided so much valuable information that included: technical instruction, business tips, and overall inspiration & insight on how to move our photography businesses forward. We also were able to have hands on experience with a live shoot with two models.

I have been busy reflecting on all I have learned, and I have come to realize…I miss Juno already.

Natalia, you and Danny were absolutely beautiful together.

Juno…you won everyone’s heart.


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