Stuart & Madison.

“Did your first year go fast?” Madison asked me as we were driving to another destination to take photos. We discussed how quickly the first year of marriage went for us and I expressed how shocking it is to be coming up on mine and Adam’s 2 year anniversary.

Our husband’s have been friends since high school, or I should say they started out as enemies playing on rival basketball teams and then went to college and became friends. Since you know… they were no longer competing against each other. And what a good friend Stuart is. I look up to Adam & Stu’s friendship, and see them as outstanding men.

Madison and I quickly became friends and it has been fun being newlyweds together and sharing moments with the four of us. Happy 1 year anniversary you two! We love you both so much.

Below is proof of Madison’s amazing smile & striking eyes along with Stuart’s tall, dark, and handsomness.


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