Mom’s Day.

She never ceases to amaze me. Her kindness, gentle spirit, and words that build me up and don’t tear down keep me in awe of her ability as a mother. She loves gently, fiercely, and always has.

I recently watched a video of her interatcting with me as a baby and I couldn’t help but feel the love floating in the air through the screen and I thought to myself… that’s LOVE.

Each kiss, each hug, each look…she showered me with a genuine urge to squeeze me so hard it ALMOST came to the point of hurting. Like that puppy that is so cute you just can’t take it. Except she has had that feeling for me past my puppy stage ;-)…Well except those nasty teenage years…the years she recalls not being that bad at all. That just shows how she didn’t count my wrongs nor kept tabs on all the weak points in my life.

To her I am forever indebted.

I love you Mom so much. Happy Mother’s Day!



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