Sunday Strolling.

Adam works on Sundays so usually I have the whole day to myself or dedicated to guests who are staying for the weekend, or sometimes I am out of town. Yesterday I had the day to myself at home,  house clean, meals eaten. Usually I can immerse myself in a sea of blankets on my couch surrounded by books, magazines, and my computer. Adam leaves me with a kiss goodbye that morning and when coming back for lunch opens the door to find me with a smile on my face at the same place he left me.

This Sunday I decided to attend a new church downtown Monterey. On my journey from parking to the hotel where the church is,I decided to experiment with blurred photos. I saw the idea just recently on a couple of blogs, and I fell in love with the collage of blurred images. All on Instagram by the way.

I realized after how many beautiful images I passed in a less than a 3 block radius. Usually I blur all those images together with my focused mind on getting from point a to b.

Get it…I blur those images.



3 responses

  1. I totally know what you mean!!! Reading this book by Ann Voscamp (One Thousand Gifts: a Dare to Live Fully Right Where you Are) seriously changed my life, and resounds with this concept of “slowing down to see the beauty and joy of Gods gifts in each…and….every….moment”. I encourage you if you are looking for some heart and head meditation material! :)

    “The only place we have to see before we die is the place of seeing god. And His presence is everywhere for those who slow to see.”

  2. I do love a lazy Sunday as well. My husband also works on Sunday so my Sundays sound exactly like you have described your Sundays! I love your blury photos and really hope you enjoyed the church you visited.

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