Roses are Red & White. Let’s Put Them All Over.

I love fresh flowers. Not only do they smell good, there’s is just something to me about something living, fresh, & beautiful decorating my home reminding me of God’s simple beauty.

I used to think I couldn’t garden, but I used to think there were a lot of things I couldn’t do. But I learned with patience, research, and a love for something there’s no reason why I can’t.

So now I have fresh red & white roses covering my home starting on our balcony growing in a pot, going to the side table in the front room visible when you first walk in the door, down the hall and to the right on the side of our bathroom sink, and finally landing in front of a photo I have of Adam next to my bed.


4 responses

  1. ahhhh….your ‘gardening dad’ and “mother in love” are lov’in this post… Spring has truely sprung when the first roses bloom.

    • :) I knew you’d appreciate it. You have to come see them and I’ll put a vase on your bed stand! Thank you for all your gardening tips-they certainly helped.


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