Mini Ketchup and Adam.

Adam loves ketchup. He loves all sauces. Finally after two years I have realized that sauces make him smile and in a lot of ways each flavorful bottle big or small, is a key to his saucy heart. We walked the beach this morning with Adam’s Dad, my father in love, and we picked up breakfast burritos on the way. When we got to the beach Adam took out this little bottle of ketchup and stated he had stored this in the warmth of his pants pocket JUST IN CASE I forgot to ask our favorite breakfast burrito diner for ketchup, or WHAT IF they forgot even if I requested the small pillows of ketchupy love. He came prepared.

We all have these weird (I mean cute) little qualities in us that make us unique and that make us smile in such simple ways. Thank you ketchup for making life good for my husband, which means it makes life good for me.



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