Back It Up-Vlog Day #2

It’s day two, and I vloged about backing up files in two different places. Since everything is digital now if we only store our files in one place, if that place becomes corrupt or broken,that’s it! I just learned this in my growing process and I had a scare with it just a week ago…

If this is the first vlog that you are watching I am doing these videos for a 30 day blog challenge started by Tim King. I have a photography business so I want to both challenge myself to grow within the next 30 days and then I also hope someone can relate to the process, or gain more understanding on how to start from square 1 when creating a business.


2 responses

  1. You guys are so silly!!! I love it! :D This was helpful b/c I have been looking in to Since you had to retro-upload a bunch of photos at once to smugmug, about how long did it take you? I just have thousands and thousands of photos, I’m afraid it would take an entire decade.

    • Hey!! Yay I’m so glad it helped!! That’s what I’m hoping with these videos. So YES it is taking me about a year a day lol. But I think any site would take that long I’m guessing. I like that it’s unlimited.


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