Seattle iPhone.

Our weekend in iPhone photos-airports, workshops, card games, friends made and time spent with lifelong friends.

Business Card Arrival!

The Quill is located on one of Pacific Grove’s quaint little streets off of downtown. When you are walking from across the street to the store with cursive writing on green awnings you can’t help but look to your left at the beautiful view of the ocean. Cathy is amazing if you go there. She helped me from start to finish and notified me along the way of their status. Customer service doesn’t get any better than that!

Like my Mom, I have really grown to like quality paper that is solid, but almost soft to the touch. The cards are simple, clean, with a touch of elegance without being over the top. Just the way I like them. I could not be any happier!

Noah & Leah.

I started the day off at Tully’s Coffee in Downtown Pleasanton CA and went over the game plan with myself. Abondoned adobe building here, fountain there, mustard fields at sundown. ¬†While sipping on my london fog at a table for four I waited for Noah & Leah to arrive. They strolled in with their nalgene bottle ready to take on the day, NOT even needing a cup of tea or a grande coffee with 4 extra shots of espresso.

Leah’s from Southern California and Noah is from my hometown in Pleasanton California. They met through a mutual friend…and the rest, well you know.

Noah & Leah the two of your are adorable and such a fun and energetic couple to photograph, THANK YOU for sharing the day with me hanging out and occasionally taking photos ;-).

Engagement Shoot & Advice About Vlogging From a Video Director.

Sunday’s shoot was so much fun. I came back jumping up and down and I was so energized with excitement. Yea yea yea we did a successful engagement shoot, but the highlight of our day was meeting the “lizard wrangler Bob”. We got beautiful shots, experienced gorgeous scenery, got a jamba juice a long the way, and laughed at Noah & Leah’s poses. But at the end of that day…that Bob really showed us a good time ;-). Well maybe not for Noah. If you watch the video you’ll see what I mean.

Music Provided by Creative Commons- Track “I dunno” by Grapes