Lightbulb #2-White Reflectors

I never knew…I always thought of reflectors having to be gold or silver and I didn’t think anything about the white until about a month ago. Now I have fallen in love with playing around with the softness that white reflectors create. They can come from a white wall, a white t-shirt that you or someone with you is wearing. You can also use an official white reflector, like a 5 in 1, or a piece of white foam board.

A friend who is in the film industry recently told me that motion pictures will sometimes have miles of white reflectors so the actors look their best on screen. I also came across a behind the scenes photo of the red carpet…and what’s there? Strips of white reflectors and lights! Hm who knew! No wonder they always look so flawless.

If you haven’t before have fun playing around with the magic that white brings!

See below their flawless skin, and the white catch lights in the eyes? Oh yea…

Red Carpet-Find the white reflectors!



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